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You're dead, this is the afterlife, and I'm God.

Don't try to fight your fate.

The Afterlife
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Afterlife RP - multifandom
Currently closed until a Mod Squad is put together.

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You wake to feel a cool breeze blowing through your hair, and the sounds of
far-away birds. You're laying on something hard and cold, and as you shift to
glance about you, you scrape your back on something sharp.

The hot trickle of blood stops after a few seconds, and the surface you were
laying on begins to heat up.

As you scurry off of it, you notice that the grey marble you were resting on
is glowing a faint blue colour. After a moment, it ceases, and you are able
to see that it is a grave.

Leaning closer to inspect it, what you find neither shocks nor frightens you.
Instead, a feeling of being chained comes over you, as you stumble backwards,
and your emotions come back to you in a rush.

There, on the tombstone, is your name.


There comes a time in every living being's life, where they must give up all
that they had, and allow their mortal body to crumble.

For most people, this happens naturally. Those who die of natural causes pass
on to a heavenly (pun very much intended) afterlife; Paradise.

However, those who die unnaturally (be it murder, suicide, or manslaughter)
are not able to access either the best or worst of the afterlife. Instead,
these people are sent into limbo, where they must discover their reasons for
having died, and come to terms with their death.

Recently, there has been a large number of souls entering limbo, for reasons
the High Officials are trying to discover. Murder is currently the highest
ranking cause of death, and somehow, 50% of the deaths associated with murder
have one specific thing in common; each victim's heart was carefully removed
and placed into their hands.

Due to the increasing amount of souls resting in limbo, the plane has started
to act... oddly, in an attempt to compensate. Housing will grow bigger
or smaller almost randomly; the weather will change from its intended warm
and sunny to hurricanes, boiling heat, and floods within a single day;
physical forms rarely remain the same for more than a month at a time, and
the plane will sometimes alter itself to the home world a soul came from.

Along with this, souls have not been able to leave limbo. Some suspect that
this is to do with the plane's odd behaviour, and others believe that it is
the work of a cult on Earth. Either way, one thing's for sure; hundreds of
souls have been trapped, and it's only a matter of time before something
disastrous happens.


Your character, they have died.

No, they don't have to have died in canon.

Yes, they have to be dead.

It's like this; your character, if they were alive at whatever point of their
canon you're taking them out from, will have died by one of three ways;
murder, suicide, or manslaughter. Because of this, they end up in - you
guessed it - limbo.

If your character died of natural causes, but the cause that made them die was
pre-arranged by another person, it is murder. (Death Note fandom, I'm
looking at you guys, with your heart attacks and other "innocent" deaths.) This
means that your character can be under the impression that their death was
natural, or an accident, but really, they were murdered.

...If anyone wants to swing that way, go for it.

Each character that was blatantly and/or violently murdered has the option to
be a victim of the Thief of Hearts. This means nothing, except that these
characters will be affected differently by some of the events that occur whilst
in limbo.

Why does it matter how your character died?

Depending on the cause of death, your character will be affected by different
events. There are four groups; Murdered; Accidental Deaths;
Suicides; Stolen Hearts. Each group is treated differently by
the High Officials (who are, basically, all of the NPCs), and receive
different rewards for certain behaviour.

If you have any questions about the game, feel free to drop by the FAQ.