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Reserved Characters


Reserve your characters here! Fill out the following form, and you'll be added to the list.

Please note that reservations only last one week, after which you will be allowed to request a three day extension. After that, you'll have to wait two weeks before reserving the same character again.

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Friends Add

1. Make sure you're logged into your RP journal.

2. Go to the Admin Console.

3. Copy/paste this list, and click "Execute".

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Requested Characters

Requested Characters

Want a particular character to be picked up really badly? Post your "someone please app this character" requests here!

Reply here with the series and the characters' names, and we'll add them to the list! Hopefully someone will be tempted into picking them up.

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Sometimes Asked Questions

Better known as an "FAQ", though the questions are rarely frequent.

...Well? Ask away! This entry will be updated each time a question is asked.